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Herbal Hormone Transition
Hide the bulge
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This is some info that I have picked up in my study and experimentation with herbal hormones for feminization.

     In this introduction I will address things that I have found helpful and why.  Reasons for and against feminization, and why you should proceed with caution.   



     Any intoduction of female hormones over extended time, weather herbal or synthetic, can and probably will alter the male reproductive system causing shrinkage, impotance, and or sterility. If you plan to have children ever you should avoid doing this and find a differant hobbie. If you break your balls you may not be able to fix them.



     Female hormones can and probably will also cause softer more sensitve skin, hightened sexual intamacy, female orgasim, release from an uncontrolable sex drive, and for those who want it full time feminization.




     Concider what your objectives are; Female sensations, cross dressing part time, full feminization? Herbs are a good way to see which path is right for you. The body changes that they incure over a short time are mild and mostly reversable. Our bodies are pliable and resilent to a point. What that point is depends on your own body.  Take things slow if you are unsure so as to not end up with changes to obvious to hide.


     My recomendations for best results are as follows:


     Lose weight before feminization.  Female hormones only promote fat retension. Losing weight will be 10 times harder durring feminization.  If you want to look your best I recomend losing the gut and lovehandles.  I realize this probably means getting down to 5-10% bodyfat.  This is very possable with excerzize and eating right. DO NOT DIET! Diets don't work.  Two hours a day, 5 days a week doing cardovascular workouts should reduce wieght signifigantly over a one month period.  Do not work out the upper body,  don't do sprints or repititions.  Those excercizes build mussle mass which you will want  to rid yourself of later.  Jogging and situps are best.  It will give you good legs, a flat stomagh, and healthy body before you thrash it. 


     Eat with whatever hormones your taking, your body will absorb it better.


     Drink lots of water, your body will be moving lots of things around through your system. It needs to be well hydrated for your system to work best.


     Continue to excercize, you can probaly tone it down to 1/2 hour 3 days a week once taking hormones to maintain a healthy system. A healthy system works better and and faster then one that is not. 


     Take your hormones regularly throughout the day. I have found once every 6 hours is best. 


     If you are getting headachs you are taking to much and should tone it down. 

     You should not compromize your health for a fantisy.  Live in the now. Things can get better, but be happy with what you have got. You can choose your mood and frame of mind.  You need nothing to be happy but to be alive.  Comfort and happiness are not conditional of each other they only work together through synergy.  You can be happy at work slaving away or being faced in insurmountable odds, but it helps to be on a mountian top with a good book.




     Depending on the herbs or meds that you take you could experance a viraty of changes.  I have experanced, from the head down not in cronilogicl order:


Softer More Sensitive Skin - It feels so good to be touched, this is one of the bigest pros for me.


Mild Facial Feminization - puffy lips, slowing of the beard growth, Cheek fat.


Mild pain and tightening of my vocal chords(this I am told is rare) This happened repeatidly on some of my higher doeses for about an hour roughly 30 min after taking a doesage.


Muscle Atrophy - Especialy in the arms. Atrophy hurts and I lost a lot of muscle in this endever.  If you continue to work out your arms it probably will not happen but unused muscles shrink to what ever the body will support them as, and removing testostrone from your system will not support your arms.


Rib Cage Atrophy - Yes this hurt.  I was a 37" band and I shrunk to a 33". After being off them for more then 6 months I have been unable to return to it. it sprung back to only a 36" band.


Breast Development - My breasts went from nothing to the bottom of a 38 A and the nipples have become more pronounced and sensitive. It was difficult to chart because they were growing at the same time as my rib cage way shrinking from a 40" chest. 


Thinner Waist - I did get a thinner waist but it was incumbered by my love handles and belly.  That is why if ever I was to restart feminization I would lose the wieght first. Love your belly dont lothe it. Excerzize it first.


Hips - I had 35"- 36" hips before and peaked at 39" before killing the experiment. 


Butt - It got softer rounder and squigy and sensitive.  This was a new experance. Being a runner I had never had butt fat.  It seems here to stay along with my 36 1/2" hips. I need to run more. :(    


Thighs -They probably got bigger, They got fat on them and changed shape a little it was difficult to tell as I was lossing muscle and gaining fat if they changed size much.


Hands and Feet - Especialy hands lost some mass and got a little thinner my ring feels a size or two bigger still.



Things to Remember


- It takes several years for a girl to go through puberity and become a women. Changes usaly happen slow.


- You can not change your skeletal structure through hormones. Hormones also will  not grow organs you do not have. Only soft tissue can be altered. Things can grow or shrink but you can not change what you already are equiped with.


- Everone is differant and what effects some people will have no effect on others.

      Personaly my metobolic rate and testostorne levels are probably far above most of the population.  When I work out I get muscle definition and growth the next day.  Durring sex I stay hard indefinatly, even after I have reached orgasim. This is not an exageration, I am not braging, I am just stating that everyones body chemestry is differant.


-Herbs alone will not transform you into a women, that requires some serious surgery and drugs.






Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.