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Herbal Hormone Transition


Hide the bulge
Sites to Concider

People have already done all the foot work for me. Here are the sites I have used as referances

I have used many herbs but have found that useing 2 500mg Vitex, 4 500mg Black Cohash, and 2-4 500mg Wild Yam every day seems best for me. I space my doeses about 6 hours apart to keep constant hormones levels and it seems to work.

     Useing only one herb will not produce much results if any. Female hormones are very complex with many differant forms of estrogen the more varied the formula the better results could possably be.  I had great results using The Phoenix Project, it has a good formula that works well. I stopped because the results were to good for what I wanted. I recomed it if you are on that path. The site is.



Good Sites